During The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) annual Global Summit, the CGF launched a new digital video series, produced by BBC Storyworks, highlighting the power of the consumer goods industry to help build better lives through better business.

One film, “Coalitions Protecting Our Forests” focused specifically on the CGF’s Forest Positive Coalition of Action, which was launched in September 2020 and seeks to drive transformational change in key commodity sectors by removing deforestation, forest degradation and conversion from their supply chains.

The film highlights a key area of the Coalition’s Theory of Change, which is the need for businesses to engage collaboratively in landscapes where commodities are harvested, produced and supplied, in order to ensure these processes are both forest positive and people positive.

Financial investment in community-level programmes is a powerful way companies can contribute to on-the-ground forest positive actions. In December 2020, the Coalition provided a modest collective investment to the Siak Pelalawan Landscape Programme (SPLP). The SPLP is a private-public partnership working in the Siak and Pelalawan districts of Riau province, Indonesia, to move towards forest and people positive palm oil production. The investment was a first step in the Coalition’s development of a comprehensive landscape engagement strategy which it plans to finalise this year.

Amplifying the stories of those working on-the-ground in Riau and the Coalition members driving corporate engagement, the film features Natasha Schwarzbach, Sustainable Commodities at PepsiCo and co-lead of the CGF FPC Landscape Engagement Working Group; Justin Adams, Executive Director of the Tropical Forest Alliance; Nasya Nugrik, head of Dayun Village, located in Siak District of the Riau Province of Indonesia; and Gunawan of Lingar Temu Kapubaten Lestari (LTKL, or the Sustainable Districts Association). 

For more details about the Forest Positive Coalition, visit its website here.

The film is available here (or here, for audiences in the United Kingdom).