In a recent article published by Products of Change, The Consumer Goods Forum Director of Sustainability, Didier Bergeret, has explained why companies must commit to collaborative supply chain transparency if we are to achieve a forest positive future. Entitled “Radical Transparency is Vital to End Deforestation,” the article focuses on explaining why the Forest Positive Coalition has prioritised increasing transparency throughout consumer goods supply chains in order to both address deforestation and measure the impact of corporate action.

The article followed the publication of the Coalition’s second Annual Report, which includes a progress update on the Coalition’s collective journey to report against a common set of ambitious Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The results of the Coalition’s collective reporting are available here.

“Knowledge truly is power, and only with the right supply chain information can we collectively reduce dependence on the practices that drive forest risk,” Didier wrote. For example, “Without knowing where each bushel of soy comes from, it’s impossible to measure impact, or shift industry practices.”

He concluded with a key point that describes the Coalition’s approach to trasnparency and accountability: “We need each and every company to commit to visibility, monitoring and transparency. If supply chains are transparent, there’s nowhere for deforestation to hide.”

The Forest Positive Coalition was formed in 2020 by The Consumer Goods Forum and brings together 21 of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers, with a combined market value of around US $2 trillion, to take collective action to remove deforestation, forest conversion and degradation from key commodity supply chains. For more information about the Coalition’s actions to create a forest positive future, visit the Coalition’s website.

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