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Press Release
Twenty-three Global Companies Pledge to Helping Tackle Soy-Driven Deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado

…we are to produce sufficient food sustainably as well as protect our forests and that collective action such as this is the only way to address deforestation at the speed…

Achieving Zero Deforestation with the HCV and HCS Approach

…can carry out integrated HCV-HCS assessments which allow simultaneous identification of HCVs and HCS forests. As a result of an integrated assessment, areas containing HCVs and/or HCS forests can be…

Forest Positive

…Initiative Link https://www.cisl.cam.ac.uk/business-action/sustainable-finance/banking-environment-initiative [Blog] Keeping Forests as Forests Enhances Quality of Life and Helps Meet UN SDGs Link https://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/keeping-forests-as-forests-enhances-quality-of-life-and-helps-meet-un-sdgs/ [Blog] Implementing and Scaling up the CGF Zero Net Deforestation Commitment…

Packaging Design

…of these changes as everyday products such as single-use bottles, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, food wrappers and take-away containers will be packaged in materials that can be recycled more easily….

Keeping Forests as Forests Enhances Quality of Life and Helps Meet UN SDGs

…goods sector make sustainable choices that benefit future forests because forests affect us all.   Forests are essential ­ Without healthy forests, everyone’s quality of life would be threatened. Imagine…

News Update
The CGF Partners with Forest Trends and Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 for Their Climate Week Event in NYC

…world’s global agricultural supply chains by 2020 has gained significant momentum, however independent assessments indicate that the international community will miss its target if efforts are not increased and accelerated….

Press Release
The CGF Sustainable Retail Summit Heads to Montréal

…force practices mean that collaboration through events such as this are integral to tackling the issues that matter most. The Sustainable Retail Summit has quickly become a key component of…

Food Loss and Waste: Have You Heard?

…Resolution of 2015. The FLW Standard was co-created by CGF, WRI, WRAP, WBCSD, FAO, UNEP, and EU FUSIONS as part of the Food Loss and Waste Protocol.   It may…

Press Release
Keeping Them Close and Coming Back for More: Survey Highlights the Struggles of Consumer and Retail Executives

…their loyalty. Many executives now see that new business models could disrupt them and that, in a marketplace of unparalleled access to information, loyalty is not as strong as it…

Are You Committed? The Time to Act on Refrigerants is Now

…towards NRs, as well as an accelerated phase down of HCFCs. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program has sanctioned the use of a wide…