In this episode of the CGF Sustainability Podcast, host Madelaine VanDerHeyden chats with Hugo Byrnes of Ahold Delhaize and Stefanie Moreland of Trident Seafoods about the ongoing collaboration between the CGF’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI), of which Hugo is a co-chair, and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), of which Stefanie is a partner and Hugo is a board member. Since 2018, the SSCI and the GSSI have been working together to align social sustainability standards for the seafood sector. Their common goal is to develop a social compliance benchmark tool that brings together each organisation’s respective expertise in supply chain social compliance standards and the landscape of sustainability in the seafood sector. Hugo and Stefanie discuss the partnership’s recent milestone, the launch of the public consultation on their first set of jointly developed benchmark criteria, and how the unique partnership between the SSCI and the GSSI will help the industry #seafoodchange by aligning social sustainability standards.

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