MEXICO CITY, 27th September 2019 — The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), through its Health & Wellness Pillar, has today announced a new Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) initiative in Mexico City. The movement, “Mexico Get Well” (México Ponte Bien), is the latest in a series of actions taking place around the world to encourage healthier behaviours. The movement in Mexico follows on from other CHL success stories that have been launched in Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, Turkey, France, the US and the UK. The “Mexico Get Well” campaign will run for a trail period of a month from 4th October to 4th November and will have in-store activations over three days – 4th to 6th October – in 10 Walmart stores across Mexico City. 

  • Led by The Consumer Goods Forum, the initiative will run from 4th October to 4th November in 10 Walmart stores in Mexico City.
  • The objective is to encourage consumers to make informed lifestyle decisions and to have balance and well-being in their lives.
  • The ‘Mexico Get Well’ Movement is the latest addition to the CGF’s global Collaboration for Healthier Lives work.

CGF members participating in the trial run include Arca Continental, Grupo Bimbo, The Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Grupo Lala, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé, P&G, PepsiCo, Sigma and Walmart Mexico and Central America. The consumer goods companies are also partnering with the Boston Consulting Group who will support the initiative with KPIs; and Active Mexicans, who will be present in-store.

The points of sale for the activities are the stores located in Toreo, Universidad, Plaza Oriente, Jesús del Monte, Barranca del Muerto, Pirules, Patio Santa Fé, Las Américas, Cuitlahuac and Periférico Norte.

The 14 participating consumer goods companies have expressed a common goal for the CHL Mexico initiative: “As consumer goods companies, we have joined together with the objective of providing our shoppers and consumers with different tools to help them make decisions that provide well-being and balance in their lives, allowing for more informed purchasing and lifestyle decisions. We know that by working together we can positively impact the lives of people in Mexico City”.

The global work of the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar is focused on empowering people to adopt healthier lifestyles, working under the CGF’s global vision of creating “better lives through better business”.  Collaboration for Healthier Lives takes a global framework that is adapted and then rolled-out regionally to meet the needs of local communities and help address the key health-related challenges in that area.

In Latin America, malnutrition and obesity have become key challenges for the various sectors, which is why CGF members have come together. The report, Panorama of Food and Nutritional Security in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018 (FAO / PAHO / WFP / UNICEF), estimated that around 7.5% of children under five in the region are overweight or obese and that about one fifth of the adult population is overweight or obese.

Figures like these showcase the problem at hand, and why it’s important for companies to come together, collaborate and look for innovative initiatives and strategies that consider the health and well-being of people a priority. All participating companies are aware of the impact that can be achieved by working together, something that forms the foundation of the CGF’s global work.

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