For Human Rights Day 2022, the CGF Human Rights Coalition has launched its #CloserThanYouThink campaign. The focus of this campaign is to raise awareness of the existence of forced labour risks in the consumer goods industry and share a call to action for businesses to not only prioritise action on forced labour but use due diligence as the key tool for addressing the challenge. The HRC invites you to share these videos to support this goal.

#CloserThanYouThink: Why Should Businesses Act on Forced Labour?

#CloserThanYouThink: Why Are Forced Labour Risks Increasing?

#CloserThanYouThink: Which Operations are High-risk for Forced Labour?

#CloserThanYouThink: Where in the World Does Forced Labour Exist?

#CloserThanYouThink: What Does Forced Labour Look Like?