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Recognising the importance of health and wellness to consumers, our Board of Directors recently reaffirmed their commitment to the implementation of the Health & Wellness Resolutions.

The Resolutions set out our belief that manufacturers and retailers have a key role to play in improving the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities they serve. We have, therefore, asked our members for increased alignment and engagement on our ambitious five-year plan, which aims to empower the world’s population to make healthier product and lifestyle choices.  In June 2014, the Board of Directors has committed to lead the industry on a number of specific actions from the Resolutions, namely:

  • By 2016: Make company policies public on nutrition and product formulation;

  • By 2016: Implement employee health and wellness programmes;

  • By 2018: Industry-wide implementation of consistent product labelling and consumer information to help consumers make informed choices and usages; and

  • By 2018: Stop marketing communications to children under 12 for food and beverage products that do not fulfil specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines.  


H&W Resolutions

The Steering Committee has established a set of Board-approved Health and Wellness Resolutions and they provide an excellent example of our industry's collaborative efforts to work together to improve the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities they serve. These focus on the access and availability of products and services; product information and responsible marketing; and communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles.

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Take a look at our Health & Wellness newsletters that keep our stakeholders up-to-date on a quarterly basis on everything going on in our Health & Wellnes Pillar.

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The Consumer Goods Forum Co-Chairs Announce New Health & Wellness Commitments

Explaining the Commitments?

Our Board commitments are exactly that - commitments voted for and approved by our Board of Directors. They are statements that will enable us to lead the industry in the direction stated. This call to action is not to reinvent, but to formalise a set of actions that help us have a more collective strength and drive positive change collaboratively, in a multi-stakeholder effort, across our entire industry.

These industry commitments are fundamentally important to bring focus and accelerate the positive impact on the global health and wellness agenda, with all key stakeholders, in the health ecosystem. These commitments will enable us to enhance stakeholder engagement and give us a public position with targets and timelines. We will measure progress and report on the implementation of our commitments, with the latest annual report published in February 2015.

The Health & Wellness Commitments were announced by our Board Co-Chairs, Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestlé, and Dick Boer, CEO of Royal Ahold, on the opening day of the 58th Global Summit in Paris on 18th June 2014 (pictured).

Examples of Our 2016 Commitments in Action

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