Our Commitment to the Industry

Members of the CGF Product Data Coalition of Action commit to driving retailers and platforms to embrace and promote the use of unique IDs by all suppliers. Furthermore, the Coalition commits to encouraging all brand owners to upload 7 defining product attributes to a central registry for all live GTINs, by the target dates required in each market. Also, all companies part of the coalition are to support and implement the Global Data Model architecture. Finally, companies part of the Coalition that are willing to test DataPorts and other disruptive technologies commit to sharing best practices.



  • 2020 – Launch of the Product Data Coalition of Action and the Product Data Projects: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Ubiquity, Central ID Registry (Verified by GS1, VbG), Global Data Model (GDM), Data Quality Scorecard and DataPorts.
  • 2019 – Launch of the End-to-End Podcast Series.
  • 2018 – Published Learning Series documents on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Smart Reduction of Food Waste, Blockchain and Total Retail Loss.
    Launched the series of Springboard Events and the Data Leapfrog pilots.