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Learning from Our Experiences and Moving Forwards

Having learned from our efforts to reach our 2010 commitment to achieve zero-net deforestation by 2020, the Coalition and its new approach represents a turning point in the industry that acknowledges previous limitations and embraces new approaches.

Throughout 2020, the Coalition and its members have been making steady progress both internally and externally. In developing and committing to the Coalition Charter, members have aligned on expectations for their participation in the Coalition and their role to play in building a forest positive future.

Furthermore, the Commodity Working Groups have engaged in stakeholder consultations throughout the year to develop the commodity Roadmaps, which are in various stages of completion. Moreover, the Coalition has also been actively setting the stage for government engagement and formalising opportunities for productive, ongoing dialogue with the NGO community.


  • Forest Positive Coalition Launch at Climate Week NYC

    In a webinar at Climate Week NYC, the Forest Positive Coalition is introduced by the Coalition’s leadership and expert guests.

  • Coalition Publishes First Roadmap

    The first version of the Coalition’s Palm Oil Roadmap is published.

  • Coalition Launches "Evergreen"

    As part of its commitment to transparency, engagement and accountability, the Coalition launched a digital stakeholder engagement platform to contribute to its ongoing dialogues with civil society.

New York Climate Week 2020



The Coalition was pleased to have been joined by Justin Adams, Executive Director of the Tropical Forest Alliance; Gita Syahrani, Head Secretariat of Lingkar Temu Kapubaten Lestari; Arjan Both of Walmart; Dave Ingram of Unilever; and the Right Honourable Lord Zac Goldsmith for our launch event at New York Climate Week on 22nd September 2020.


Watch the webinar here: