Global Summit


11-14 JUNE 2024

Sustainability Our Guiding Principle

At the CGF Global Summit, sustainability is more than a talking point—it is at the foundation of what we believe and do. In the consumer goods sector, our focus is on driving change towards a more sustainable and accountable future.

Our events are more than networking opportunities; they are platforms for embodying our values and striving for excellence.

Sustainability is a shared mission for us. It involves navigating complex challenges with a clear commitment to making a positive impact.

The Summit serves as both a reflection of our achievements and a forum for encouraging collaboration, sharing insights, and fostering innovation.

Our goal is clear: to push the boundaries of sustainability further

We have made strides in reducing our environmental footprint and promoting social equity, yet we know there is much more to do. With a realistic yet ambitious strategy, we are inviting collaboration to achieve meaningful progress.

Our Pledge for Progress in Chicago

Our commitment is reflected in our actions:

Choosing event locations and partners like the Sheraton Grand Chicago, aligning with our sustainability objectives and boasting credentials such as TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Certification.


Employing a comprehensive sustainability checklist that guides as far as possible and practical, our event planning and execution, towards a holistic approach to environmental and social responsibility.

Encouraging group travel and the use of recyclable materials to minimise our environmental impact, alongside initiatives like a linen and towel reuse program, and donation of used amenities in rooms to local shelters.

Engaging local NGOs and community groups in the planning process, to ensure the economic and social benefits to local communities are prioritised, such as working with Rescue Leftover Cuisine to manage food surplus.

Promoting sustainable practices among our attendees, speakers, partners, and vendors.

Did You Know?

The CGF Global Summit venue boasts elite eco-credentials and stellar sustainability achievements.

The Summit venue not only prepares the stage for the CGF Global Summit itself but also champions the cause of sustainability.


  • A Sustainable Summit Setting 

The venue for the CGF Global Summit, The Sheraton Grand Chicago, enjoys TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Certification. Achieved in collaboration with organisations such as the United Nations Environment Programme, Energy Star, and the U.S. Green Building Council, this accolade highlights our venue’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Reducing Footprints One Room at a Time 

As recommended accommodation for participants, Summit participants can rest assured in the knowledge that they drastically reduce their carbon footprint to 28.35 kg and water footprint to 562.69 litres per room night by staying there, and supporting eco-friendly hospitality. The hotel has also implemented a guest room recycling system.

  • Dedicated to Disposal-Waste Management with a Conscience 

In compliance with the City of Chicago’s green mandates, waste and recycling will be efficiently managed, employing large dumpsters for the Riverwalk AB Exhibit Hall. A transparent fee of $500.00 plus tax per dumpster supports this eco-conscious effort.

  • Sustainability Squad

The Summit venue has established a Sustainability Team, a collective of representatives from each department, tasked with devising and implementing green policies and initiatives. This team is pivotal in setting and achieving environmental goals.

  • Recycling Revolution-From Guest Rooms to the Community 

The Sheraton Grand Chicago’s comprehensive recycling program encompasses cardboard and glass in both guest accommodations and communal areas. These practices are extended to offices and behind-the-scenes operations. The hotel also donates used amenities to local shelters, ensuring a circular economy.


  • Linen Logic

The hotel’s linen and towel reuse program invites guests to participate in water conservation, a simple yet effective measure in its broader sustainability strategy.


  • Minimising Waste, Maximising Impact 

Our commitment to waste reduction is evident in the use of recycled containers for all amenities and the default double-sided printing setting. Bulk purchasing and the avoidance of single-use products further exemplify a commitment to environmental stewardship.


Together, Driving Change

The CGF Global Summit is more than just an event; it is a platform where sustainability efforts take centre stage. Your participation does more than enrich the Summit; it propels us further towards a sustainable future. 


We look forward to you joining us in Chicago.