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Empowering Our Own

Globally, almost two-thirds of companies with effective health and productivity programmes believe they perform better than their competitors. Many CGF members know that when they focus on mitigating the impact of non-communicable diseases and make it easier for their employees to pursue healthier lifestyle choices, the company does well while the employees live better lives.

A Harvard University study found an average return on investment (ROI) of more than 200% on investments in employee health and wellness programmes. Common strategic objectives include improving productivity, reducing “presenteeism” (when employees are at work but not fully productive due to personal health issues) and disability costs. Workers spend most of their waking time in the workplace – about one-third of the day – making it the critical environment in which to support positive behavioural change.

As part of our leadership agenda, caring for our employees is key. It is focused on looking into ways to help drive the industry forward in a collective effort to help employees around the world pursue healthier lifestyle choices and diets. This includes inviting more HR professionals and employee wellbeing experts to join the project to add essential expertise to discussions. The team is also committed to sharing leadership best practices to support implementation of such programmes globally. The work goes beyond simply meeting the foundational Employee Health & Wellness Commitment to providing strategic and practical value to the wider CGF membership and their 10 million employees.

We also want to look at the future of health and wellbeing at work and will continue to measure and report on the number of people reached by CGF members’ health and wellbeing programmes. We will also create a toolkit to enable companies to benchmark members’ wellbeing efforts to aspire to progressing actions.

We will also drive focus on employees as our key ambassadors in Collaboration for Healthier Lives, as the inspiration needs to start with employees and workforce culture before it can effectively reach shoppers.

Creating a Culture of Health

2020 report published with Kin&Co explores global insights on employee health and wellbeing in the consumer goods industry, one of the key themes tackled by the CGF as part of its Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition.