Foods that Protect People & Planet

Now more than ever, healthier and sustainable diets are at the forefront of business and public agendas and have become an urgent priority for communities across the globe. Through its Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition, the CGF drives collaborative action to make it easier for consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Recognising the parallels between ensuring healthy, nutritious food for consumers around the world while preserving the environment, the CHL Coalition is committed to finding ways to work collaboratively with CGF members and key stakeholders to not only protect people, but also the planet.

Therefore, CHL members are now working together – as leading manufacturers and retailers – to empower consumers to adopt healthier and more sustainable diets by launching interventions and encouraging consumers to make better choices. 

Healthier and More Sustainable Diets: Learning Series 2022

This report summarises key learnings from seven webinars conducted in 2022 by CGF’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition of Action’s Healthier and More Sustainable Diets workstream. CHL members are working together – as leading manufacturers and retailers – to empower consumers to adopt healthier and more sustainable diets by launching interventions and encouraging consumers to make better choices.

Our vision is for a world where food that supports a healthier and more sustainable diet is made the easy and preferred consumer choice by championing three key attributes: 




Collaborate, Act, Share

To help us achieve this vision, we have created a working group with clearly defined objectives:

  1. Build the foundation of the CGF action on Healthier & More Sustainable Diets, including a review of existing work in this space, a framework for action and guiding principles to support this work.

  2. Enable the Coalition to launch and evaluate interventions that drive sustained behaviour change by building a clear framework that also includes a sustainability angle.

  3. Share best practices and learnings on Healthier & More Sustainable Diets across the CGF membership by collaborating with partners to deliver the evidence for action to drive positive impact at scale faster.

Coalition members not currently engaged within the working group are welcome to do so. Companies currently not engaged in the Coalition can contact us to learn more.

Healthier and Sustainable Diets Factbase

Our partner on Health & More Sustainable Diets is Bain & Co., who has compiled the attached Healthier and Sustainable Diets (HSD) factbase to highlight some key trends and summarise current approaches to Healthy and Sustainable Diets. This work has been instrumental is helping the working group in their work, specifically around developing a definition, mission, vision and objectives, by providing a common baseline understanding of the topic.  We are sharing here for information and transparency purposes.

Webinar Learning Series

Stay abreast of the Coalition’s work on Healthier & More Sustainable Diets by joining our special Learning Series. You can either register for an upcoming episode or explore our archives and watch a previous webinar session. And, if you would like to contribute to our series, please contact us.

Strategic Partnerships:

Food Culture Alliance

Today, dietary risks underpin critical health problems such as stunting, wasting and chronic hunger, as well as non-communicable conditions such as overweight and obesity, and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Food production contributes over 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and affects ecosystems through unsustainable land use practices. Consumers and citizens actions in the marketplace shape our food systems, and yet the bulk of actions for food system transformation has traditionally concentrated on supply-side measures.

In response to these critical challenges, The Consumer Goods Forum joined the Food Culture Alliance (FCA), formerly the Demand Generation Alliance (DGA)- a collaborative initiative towards more sustainable and nutritious foods. This cross-sectoral initiative was founded in the summer of 2020, by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development FReSH Project (WBCSD), and the Global Business School Network (GBSN).

Visit the FCA LinkedIn page here.