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Last week, an article, entitled “Collaboration is vital if we are going to make progress on ending modern slavery” written by the CGF’s Social Sustainability Director Didier Bergeret was published on The Grocer’s online platform.

In the piece, Didier comments on the “extremely troubling” findings recently published in The Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, which reported that in the US, more than 400,000 people are currently trapped in slavery, while in Asia the figures are worse still. “Modern slavery”, he writes, “remains a complex issue that continues to be a problem in supply chains, stretching across borders and differing jurisdictions.”

Didier went on to write about the progress that is being made to tackle the issue and the positive steps being taken by CGF members and beyond. He highlighted the CGF’s business Call to Action launched at the recent Global Forum on Responsible Recruitment and Employment, where more than 200 delegates representing global brands, suppliers, recruitment agencies and academics gathered to discuss how best industry and government can implement the Priority Industry Principles.

Didier writes about the sectors, such as seafood and cacao, which require “tailored approaches to tackling exploitative labour practices”, as well as the crucial role played by the private sector, “in monitoring their supply chains for labour rights abuses, but also in collaborating with stakeholders from the public sector and NGO community to drive positive outcomes.” He calls out examples of important initiatives launched by CGF members Mars, Incorporated, and Nestlé which seek to improve rights of workers throughout their supply chains and beyond.

“Only together”, Didier concludes, “can we overcome the difficulties posed by forced labour”.

The full article is available here.