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Press Release
Statement in Response to Amazon Fires: Businesses Call for Deeper Partnership to Build a More Forest Positive Future

Images of the dry season fires in the Brazilian Amazon has generated massive media coverage and raised social consciousness about the existential challenges we face if rainforests continue to perish….

Press Release
The Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit Day Two: Innovation and Technology Focus

…second largest grocery retailer. Chairman and CEO, Rodney McMullen, highlighted the challenges of keeping pace with changing customer needs while managing the costs associated with this. Kroger’s ecommerce business has…

Press Release
Statement in Response to Greenpeace Report

…has worked with our members, governments, civil society and other stakeholders to accelerate the shift towards sustainable sourcing. Our work has included:   Sharing best practices between our members on…

News Update
The CGF Attends Tropical Forest Alliance Annual Meeting in Colombia

…of protecting the world’s tropical rainforests. With over 50% of its land area forested, Colombia has the second-highest biodiversity density in the world after Brazil. On the final day of…

Keeping Humans in the Loop

…it is all hype? I don’t think so; I was around AI in the Winter of the 1980s and the slide into the “trough of disappointment” (as Gartner would say)…

International Day of Forests

Today is the International Day of Forests, a day to honor and enjoy forests. Most days we rush without paying too much attention past the forests in our lives, those…

Lessons in Leadership from a Career in Retail

as individuals, as leaders and as organizations? It is important to be driven by a purpose, a noble one, and relate it to the business and stakeholders you serve. By…

Certified Forest Products Help Meet Corporate Sustainability Targets and UN SDGs

Zero-net deforestation is a key objective of the The Consumer Goods Forum and many of its member companies. To achieve it, the CGF has recognized forest certification as an important…

Protected: Conference Presentations

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Shopping Our Way to Healthier Lifestyles

…Saudável” (Organic & Healthy) standalone areas in our stores, as well as in an organic and healthy products’ supermarket, Go Natural. Complementarily, we offer nutritional counselling at our specialized stores…