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Building Trust in the Industry

Whether supply chains are large or small, global or local, ensuring they respect sustainability standards at all levels is key to protecting people, products and the planet. Third-party auditing schemes offer a sense of confidence to suppliers, buyers and consumers, but with each scheme taking its own approach to evaluating sustainability, the outcome can be confusing when presented with hundreds of options of schemes to choose from. 

The SSCI builds confidence by recognising programmes which cover all industry-defined sustainability criteria and offering clear guidance to industry professionals on which schemes are credible and trustworthy. In only three years, the SSCI has become a leading industry source for defining social sustainability criteria with its large network of coalition members, stakeholders, and partners.


  • The CGF Officially Launches the SSCI

    The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) is launched following a decision made by the CGF Board of Directors. Two Technical Working Groups are created to develop the first two benchmarking scopes on Social and Scheme Management Compliance, and more than 50 selected stakeholders are engaged for additional feedback and expert comments.

  • SSCI Launches Partnership with the GSSI

    The SCCI announces partnership with the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) to collaborate and develop a benchmarking scope for the seafood industry at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels.

  • The SSCI Opens First Public Consultation

    SSCI launches its first 60-day public consultation of the first benchmarking scope on Manufacturing and Processing and hosts in-person stakeholder workshops in New York and Geneva later that year. The SSCI and the GSSI also host a joint consultation workshop at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona as part of their collaboration to develop a benchmarking scope for the seafood industry.

  • The SSCI Recruits Benchmarking Leaders

    The SSCI begins recruitment of independent experts to perform SSCI benchmarking. 

  • The SSCI Launches its First Benchmarking Requirement

    The SSCI publishes its first benchmarking requirements on Social and Scheme Management Criteria.

  • The SSCI Begins Accepting Its First Applications

    The SSCI invites the first third-party auditing schemes and programmes in the Manufacturing and Processing sector to apply for SSCI benchmarking against its Social and Scheme Management Criteria.