Kao is constantly exploring new disciplines in science and deepening scientific knowledge and insights to develop technologies that will create an added-value for our products and for our consumers worldwide. The Human Health Care Business is an example of this, where we focus on improving consumers’ quality of life by tapping into the inherent vitality of the person, supported by healthcare research for the body and the mind.

Kao’s Unique Approach to Health Care

As part of our effort to be a part of the solution in preventing and addressing the rising health issues such as metabolic and locomotive syndromes (musculoskeletal deterioration in the elderly which reduces or threatens their locomotive abilities), Kao has been actively creating opportunities to share the services and expertise developed through our healthcare research. For example, we provide our employees and consumers the possibility to keep track of their visceral fat, by using technology jointly developed with the Osaka University. Leveraging this technology, Kao hosts seminars and on-site check-ups, designed to create an opportunity for consumers to think positively about how they can improve lifestyle habits (eating habits and exercises).

Kao has hosted such events in around 100 locations, reaching out to many people: 

  • Kao Visceral Fat Checking Station: Hosted 27 times, reaching 5,600 people.
  • Lifestyle Diagnostic Sessions: Hosted at 55 locations, as well as in 25 locations for Kao employees, reaching 7,100 people.

Employee health is also important to us. Based on the belief that a good life, both professionally and personally, is the basis for individual health, as well as the foundation of business growth and serving the society in a meaningful way, Kao engages in Health and Productivity Management. With the announcement of the Kao Group Health Declaration in 2008, we have a robust Health and Productivity Management in place to help us develop and maximise the potential of our employees.

Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) across Japan

As AEON mentioned in this blog, Kao, AEON, Ajinomoto, Kirin and other CGF members have been working together on a pilot project as part of the CGF’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives initiative. At the AEON-Style Shin-Ibaraki store, we had a Kao Visceral Fat Checking Station. The three-time event was supported by Osaka prefecture and Ibaraki city. Consumers visiting the station could get their visceral fat checked and were given a “Passport” that included their measurement results. However, the passport does not only contain numbers, it also included tips about concrete actions to take to be healthier, as well as recommendations for a follow-up by joining the next visceral check to track the changes.

We were able to reach over 1,000 people and found that seventy-seven people who joined all three sessions saw their visceral fat area reduced by 8.3㎠, and, on average, consumers reduced their waist circumference by 2.2 cm. Survey results also showed that their mindset towards healthy actions had been positively impacted following their participation in our events.

Kao is proud to be involved in the work of the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar as we continue to engage with consumers by proposing ways to lead healthier lives backed by evidence. With strong commitment across the industry, we believe we can create a positive impact in society and in extending the healthy life expectancy of individuals, a theme that is high on the agenda in Japan.


About Kao

The Kao Group, headquartered in Tokyo, has continued to evolve for 130 years, always anticipating changes in the time and people’s lifestyles, and striving to be ahead of them to deliver added benefit to the consumers through our products and services. Committed to achieving twin goals of profitable corporate growth and contribution to the creation of a sustainable society through our business and CSR initiatives, every employee work passionately grounded in our corporate philosophy the Kao Way, in which we embrace integrity as our core value. Now, driven by our mid-term business strategy K20, which kicked off in 2017 with the slogan Transforming Ourselves to Drive Change, we are boosting our efforts to become a trusted company across the globe, focusing on creating a positive impact on the environment and society with sound governance (ESG) through strategic investments for long term contribution and growth.

This blog post was written and contributed by:
Naoki Yoshigai
President, Personal Health Business – Consumer Products
Kao Corporation