Here at Lawson, we are providing a number of services to support communities in making healthier diet and lifestyle choices. Our aim is, of course, to help the people within the communities we operate to live long and healthy lives. 

Health Information Service for Customers

Lawson LINE

Lawson’s LINE

First, we are working on developing a healthier diet and disseminating information through SNS. There are approximately 20 million domestic users of Lawson’s official account on LINE, the popular Japanese SNS application. Every day, between 40,000 to 700,000 people browse Lawson’s LINE. For people who care about calories and carbohydrates, we have introduced recommended new products and combinations of foods to create healthier menus.

Collaboration for Healthier Lives: Three-Month Programme for Carbohydrate Control

At the Lawson Kobe James-Yama store, we implemented a three-month carbohydrate management programme. The programme was supervised by certified diabetologist Dr. Satoru Yamada and was sponsored by Kobe City. Dr. Yamada and our fellow CGF member companies, as part of the CGF’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives initiative, collaborated on this programme, holding monthly seminars about the importance of carbohydrate management and improvement of eating habits. Also, we conducted a measurement of the Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) of participants at the seminar venue. By recognising the accumulation level of AGEs, the health consciousness of the participants has led to an improvement. According to the results of the questionnaires we ran after participants had completed the three months, the amount of vegetables being eaten had increased, while salt intake had been reduced.

Implementing Health Management to Promote Employee Wellness

Lawson CEO Sadanobu Takemasu

Sadanobu Takemasu, President and CEO, Chief Health Officer

As a company committed to contributing to customers’ health, Lawson takes care of employees’ health as well. We reinforced our employee health promotion measures in 2012, beginning with a programme encouraging all employees to have regular, physical checkups. Thanks to an effective incentive scheme for employees and their managers, the examination rates soon reached 100%. From 2015, our president has been appointed Chief Health Officer, and we continue to work on improving the health of our employees.

APP_Ranking, Lawson

Weekly Footstep Ranking (diet records and step count management apps)

And, since 2016, we conduct a “90-day Health Challenge” twice a year to raise company-wide health awareness. We make teams of three to five people amongst employees and manage team performance of diet records and step counts by using management apps and run a competition among teams throughout the company on a weekly basis. By working in a team, we can encourage each other to win, and it also helps

Lawson Survey Results

Participant Questionnaire Results 2017

improve communication within the department. Approximately one-third of employees participated in 2017. Results of the participants’ questionnaire showed 86% believe that it is a good or very good activity.

LAWSON will continue to work on the development of delicious and healthy foods and services in order to promote the health of our customers and employees.

Hisako Ooyane, Lawson Japan
This blog post was written and contributed by:

Hisako Ooyane
Manager, Corporate Strategy and Planning Division
Lawson, Inc.