21-24 JUNE 2021
Virtual Conference

The Global Summit


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10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Positive Change & Collaboration: Leadership
10:00 am - 10:30 am
China Retail Trends in the Post-Covid Era

Dr. Zhang is the founder and owner of Wumart Group, one of the earliest and largest retailers in China, which recently acquired METRO China’s business and co-founded Dmall, a leading retail tech platform. Dr. Zhang will discuss with Weiwen Han, the Managing Partner of Bain & Company Greater China, who specializes in digital, Consumer Products and Retail. They will address digitalization trends in China, store format innovation, how club and other new formats are doing, and what industry consolidation will look like.



Dr. Wenzhong ZHANG
Weiwen HAN
Managing Partner
Bain & Company
10:30 am - 11:00 am
Special Sessions - BCG, Ecolab, IBM
12:00 pm - 12:15 pm
A New Way to Serve: The Next Big Opportunity for FMCG and Retail

We are living in an experience economy: journeys are nonlinear, the shopper is the innovator, and experience defines value. For brands and retailers, this means putting the shopper at the very center of their business models for new product development, supply chain and demand management, promotion planning, merchandizing, and authentic customer engagement. To serve today’s empowered consumer, brands must make and sell what shoppers want to buy vs. sell what they can make. Conversely, retailers must buy what they can sell vs. sell what they bought. To remain relevant, brands need to create a more resilient supply chain while serving a more empowered, increasingly demanding, consumer.

Join Capgemini and Oracle as they discuss new ways to serve the empowered consumer.

Vice President, Global Insights & Data Lead for Consumer Products & Retail
Lindsey MAZZA
Global Retail Lead
Michael FORHEZ
Global Managing Director, Consumer Markets
Oracle Industry Strategy Group
12:00 pm - 12:15 pm
The Spotify Moment for End to End Visibility

Leapfrogging legacy with product digitisation

In this session, Niall Murphy, CEO & Co-founder of EVRYTHNG, will be answering questions such as:

  • – What’s changed, for consumers, in the supply chain, and with the tools at our disposal?
  • – How can we converge and accelerate traceability from compliance to ESG to DTC to full transparency?
  • – How can the industry work together to maximise value for consumers and brands?
  • – Which concrete action steps can we take away from the CGF Global Summit?
CEO & Co-Founder
12:00 pm - 12:15 pm
Data – The Art of Balancing Privacy and Intimacy

Data privacy laws and customer expectations have limited what data is legally and morally acceptable to collect.  As consumer businesses rely increasingly on insights from data to drive product and market decisions, it is crucial to develop a strategy that balances business need with consumer expectation.  New tools make it easier to meet regulatory obligations as 3rd party data collection methods either lose favor or become legally dubious.  Learn how to achieve the insights you need to continue to engage with customers, while living in the world after “cookies”.

Senior Solutions Architect
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
CEO-only Session (upon invitation only)

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Diversity & Inclusion is a proven driver of business results, but it is something that must be proactively and sustainably built and nurtured. This session will allow attendees to share their best practices in supporting diversity and inclusion and learn from each other’s successes and failure. Our CEOs will also discuss how more dynamic and inclusive environments foster creativity, innovation and connection to communities.

Chairman & CEO and CGF Co-Chair
The Coca-Cola Company
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Procter & Gamble
From Online-only to Omnichannel: A Success Story from India

Falguni Nayar will share her views on e-commerce and digitalisation in India, based on her own experience as founder and CEO of an unicorn startup that became a key actor of the cosmetics & beauty market, on and off line.

Moderator: Isabelle Kumar, Presenter & Journalist

Falguni NAYAR
Founder & CEO
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Building Belief in Brands: Solutions-Focused Storytelling
Wai-Chan CHAN
Managing Director
The Consumer Goods Forum
Vice President, Programme Partnerships
BBC StoryWorks
Nickie OMER
Creative Director, Programme Partnerships
BBC StoryWorks
Fireside Chat - Satya Nadella & Dirk Van de Put

Interviewee: Dirk Van de Put

Chairman & CEO
Mondelēz International
3:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Fireside Chat - Hubert Joly
Hubert JOLY
Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, Former Chairman & CEO
Best Buy
Ensuring Sustainable Food Supply into The Future – How Building Food Safety Capability Can Help

Moderator: Erica Sheward, GFSI Director, The Consumer Goods Forum

Chairman & CEO
Mondelēz International
Private Sector Partnerships and Fundraising
World Food Programme
Senior Vice President Venture37
Land ‘O’ Lakes Foundation
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Sustainable Investing: How to Turn this Mega-trend into An Opportunity

Moderator: Isabelle Kumar, Presenter & Journalist



Catherine HOWARTH
Chief Business Commentator & Associate Editor
Financial Times
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Special Sessions
Predict the Future: Unilever and PA Reveal their Ground-breaking Predictive Platform

Join us as Unilever and PA exclusively reveal their ground-breaking predictive platform, CASI.

CASI transforms open data to unlock real-time monitoring and predictive intelligence on COVID-19 trends, from a global and regional level down to individual sites worldwide – with 75% prediction accuracy.

Unilever teams worldwide access CASI over 800 times daily, to safeguard Unilever’s global supply chain and 149,000 people.

We’ll explore the exciting predictive opportunities CASI represents far beyond the pandemic – from global trends to reimagining work, wellbeing and consumer behaviour.

Wei Ling LIM
General Counsel, Global Supply Chain
Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Manufacturing
PA Consulting
Data Analytics Expert and CASI Development Lead
PA Consulting
Think and Act Like a Love Brand - in Collaboration with Porsche, Adidas and Coca-Cola

For many companies, the brand is the most important asset. It takes time and the right strategy to build brand love and it has to be constantly nurtured.

We asked consumers worldwide on their favorite brands and developed together with Porsche, adidas and Coca Cola the brand L.O.V.E. framework:

L.isten: Why humans fall in love and what brands can learn from that science – Results from the exclusive CGF study, Roland Berger
O.ffer: Offer scarce things and build communities – Learn from the key city strategy of adidas and how they built global brand enthusiast communities, adidas
V.alue: Build a consumer centric value chain adapted to your target consumers – Learn how Porsche became a fully consumer centric marketing organization & a purpose driven brand to remain a love brand across generations, Porsche
E.xperiences: Offer unforgettable experiences – Learn from Coca Cola how they built a brand built on experiences. “Refresh the world and make a difference”, Coca Cola

The session will be followed by a LIVE Q&A Session with all speakers. Participants will gain access to exclusive joint Porsche, adidas, Coca Cola, Roland Berger events around the globe as well as the full CGF study results.

Senior Project Manager
Roland Berger
Integrated Marketing Experience Director Europe
The Coca-Cola Company
Senior Partner
Roland Berger
Claus-Peter MAYER
Senior Vice President Brand Europe
Global Director Marketing Communications
Porsche AG
Future Proof Your Route to Market

Successful brands deliver personalized consumer engagement and stronger customer collaboration while driving sustainable practices throughout the organisation. In this session, hear from industry leaders Monica McGurk, Chief Growth Officer at Kellogg Company, and Diane Levin, Chief Information Officer at McCormick, on the future of consumer goods from technology to revenue growth management.

Chief Information Officer
Monica McGURK
Chief Growth Officer
Jennifer MacLAUGHLIN
Senior Vice President, Solution Engineering
Chief Revenue Officer
Executive Vice President, Industries Marketing
Leading Against Forced Labour: Act Now!

Moderator: Didier Bergeret, Director, Sustainability, The Consumer Goods Forum


Emmanuel FABER
Former Danone Chairman & CEO
Former CGF Co-Chair
Steve ROWE
Marks & Spencer
Facing Food Insecurity in the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic came as an additional stress on food insecurity already experienced by many societies around the globe. CGF members and civil society stakeholders will share what has been done over the past few months to manage food waste through business support and food banks key actions.

Moderator: Ignacio Gavilan, Sustainability Director, The Consumer Goods Forum



President & CEO
The Global FoodBanking Network
Group Chief Executive
Vice President for Food, Forest, Water & the Ocean
World Resources Institute
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
The Role of Technology in Global Sustainability - Fireside Chat with Safra Catz

Safra Catz will share her views on practices and solutions that can enable the sustainability agenda to move forward.

Safra CATZ

Please note that this programme may be subject to change.


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What will the 2021 edition of the Global Summit be like?

In 2021, the Global Summit will be fully virtual, for the first time ever, in order to ensure the safety of our global community during the Covid-19 crisis. 

It will take place from 1pm CET on Monday, 21st June, to 4pm CET on Thursday, 24th June. Everyday, sessions will take place from 10am to 7pm CET, meaning there will always be something happening whenever you choose to connect.  

As in the other 63 physical editions of the annual Summit, our focus in 2021 is to deliver great content and allow you to reconnect with your peers from around the world. We are bringing the same high-level speakers to the virtual stage; we are bringing even more great insights and learnings to the virtual table; and we are giving you the opportunity to network from the comfort of your own home or office.

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What is the format of the Global Summit this year?

We are working on a programme and speakers lineup that will have the same level of quality, engagement and expertise as the physical editions of the event. Conscious of time differences, we have built the programme around Prime-Time Content Slots, where delegates from multiple time zones will be able to connect and participate in live sessions with high-level speakers. We will have something for everyone: wherever you are in the world, you will be able to connect at a time convenient for you and access both live broadcasts and pre-recorded sessions – Speaker Sessions and Panels, Special Sessions, Breakouts, Coalition Meetings, and much more. Networking breaks will also ensure you reconnect with your peers from the industry, as in a physical event.

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What will the Global Summit 2021 talk about?

Themed “Now What?”, the 2021 Summit aims to provide delegates, speakers and sponsors the opportunity to learn more about how our industry has worked tirelessly to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 – and promote the CEO-backed roadmaps that are being delivered by our Coalitions of Action to help our industry create the right kind of new normal. Over the course of four days, we will be discussing The New Normal and all its implications to businesses, consumers, supply chains and employees; where the Opportunities, Challenges & Priorities lie ahead; how we can build back better through Positive Change & Collaboration; and what should be expected from The Way Forward.

You can check the programme and speakers pages for more information.

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How do I register?

The Global Summit is exclusive to CGF member companies. 
Each year, a few select non-member companies are invited to discover the Global Summit via our Discovery Programme. 

On the Register page, please complete the registration form. Your registration will be reviewed and you will receive, in a few days, an email to complete and pay for your registration. 

A unique professional email address must be associated with each registration, to receive the login information. 

If you are unsure about your company’s membership, you can check our members list to or contact our membership team.

If you’d like more information about the Discovery Programme, please contact our Discovery Programme team.

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How do I join the sessions?

Prior to the event, you will receive your personal code and a link to join the sessions, to the email address you provided on your registration form. 

Your registration gives access to all the live and pre-recorded sessions, as well as to all the networking possibilities and exhibition area, across all time zones. We encourage delegates to attend several sessions to get maximum value. 

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Who will attend the Global Summit this year?

The physical editions of the Global Summit gather together 1,000+ CEOs and C-suite executives of CGF member companies from all over the world. The virtual edition will offer new opportunities for those who could not travel, due to the pandemics, and who will be able to join their peers virtually in June. 

A virtual platform, optimised for ease-of-use while ensuring delegates and top CEOs regular networking opportunities, will ensure you can effectively engage and network across the week, to foster deeper relationships and chat one-on-one around topics impacting your business.  

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Will recordings / an executive summary be available?

Pre-recorded sessions and recordings of previous broadcasted sessions will be available during the event. Videos will also be available after the event, when authorised by speakers.

An Executive Summary will be distributed electronically after the event to all delegates, with the main takeaways and insights.

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I would love to be more than a delegate - are there any sponsorship or exhibition opportunities?

Yes! We are very thankful for the companies that support the Global Summit. Confirmed sponsors will be announced soon. 

There are still some sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available! For more information, contact our sponsorship team.

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I still have questions, who should I contact?

If you have any further questions concerning the 2021 virtual edition of the Global Summit, please send a message to the Summit Team

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What are the networking opportunities during the Global Summit?


Access to the platform will be possible a few days before the Summit, presenting a questionnaire on your reasons for attending and your main points of interest. This will create a list of other participants with the same interests and objectives as you, who you will be able to get in touch with.



Virtual Meeting Rooms

Book a virtual meeting room with video and screen sharing functions for up to 20 people in visio conference, straight from the platform – no need to download extra software. For information on costs and availability, please contact our Sponsorship Team





Guided Networking Rooms

During the networking breaks, you will have access to the Guided Networking Rooms – dedicated rooms to discuss a theme of great interest for your business.

Availability of rooms and topics will be limited and chosen in accordance to our content guidelines. If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion, please contact us at your earliest convenience.





Discussion Board

The main entry point to the platform will be done via your feed, where links to the sessions and videos will be available, as well as a menu for easy access to contacts, matchmaking, programme, your personalised agenda and more.

The feed, or discussion board, is where delegates will interact with one another. The Summit team, speakers, sponsors and all delegates are encouraged to share content – text, images, video and links – and react to it, building a real, engaged online community for the duration of the event.











Scheduled Meetings

When you find a fellow delegate who you would like to connect with, just click on his/her profile and send a meeting invitation via message. At the scheduled date and timing, just launch the meeting from inside the platform.







Text and Video Chats

You will have access to the complete list of delegates, and will be able to get in touch with them by text or video chat. Just find the person you’d like to connect with, click on the “Start conversation” button and send a chat request. You can add more users as you need.
And, if you prefer to transform the chat into a video call, when using the web app, just click on the camera button and have access to all of the features, including screen sharing.



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