Bogotá, 8 September 2021 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has joined Colombia’s Grand Alliance for Nutrition – a First Lady and Presidential Council for Children led initiative that seeks to mobilise public and private sector actors, civil society, NGOs, international corporations, and academia to tackle malnutrition issues for the most vulnerable. The alliance aims to coordinate multistakeholder efforts to help overcome nutrition challenges in Colombia, through specific interventions for children and families in marginalised zones, as well as by driving information, education, and communication strategies to promote healthy eating habits.

Joining the alliance marks a significant milestone for the CGF and its Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition in their work towards driving positive change and healthier lives for people in communities in Colombia, and across the globe. Through its local initiatives, the CHL Coalition aims to inspire healthier behaviours in stores, online and throughout communities, to not only drive positive change for consumers, but also drive shared business value.

As part of the Grand Alliance for Nutrition efforts, CGF member Jerónimo Martins, has today launched a wellbeing programme Misión Nutrición (Mission Nutrition) throughout its Ara stores. The programme kicked off with the support of the First Lady of Colombia, the Colombian Ministry of Health, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), and Corporación Colombia Internacional. The launch ceremony held in Bogotá took place in the presence of Her Excellency Maria Juliana Ortiz, Carolina Salgado – Presidential Counselor for Children and Adolescents, Lina Arbeláez – ICBF Director, Zulma Fonseca – Nutrition Director at ICBF, Elisa Cadena – Health and Nutrition Director of the Ministry of Health, Pedro Leandro – CEO of Ara Colombia, Adriana Senior – President of CCI and 5 a Day, and Erika Rodriguez – General Manager of Latin America representing the CGF.  

Malnutrition is one of Colombia’s most significant public health challenges, with access to healthy food remaining a critical issue in some parts of the country. The Misión Nutrición programme emerged as a response to this challenge, with the aim to tackle these gaps within the specific regions.

With the public and private sectors coming together to take on the food safety and nutrition challenge, the awareness campaign is set to promote healthier eating habits based on local dietary guidelines. It will offer a selection of healthy products to local communities to help combat nutritional deficiencies and other health and wellbeing challenges, identified as key priorities by local authorities for Colombia’s various regions.

An in-store campaign will take place in all Ara supermarkets, with displayed advertising materials nudging consumers to make healthier choices. A digital campaign will run in parallel, encouraging consumers to make healthier food choices online. Campaign messaging underwent review and approval by local and national authorities, and the programme will be monitored against CHL framework KPIs.

The CGF is pleased to have yet another opportunity for its members to work collaboratively and amplify their impact not only through Misión Nutrición, but also through additional Grand Alliance for Nutrition projects and as part of CHL Colombia’s Se Siente Bien movement.

To learn more about the CHL Collation’s work, visit our website or our Global Learning Mechanism.

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Healthier Lives Director
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General Manager Latin America
The Consumer Goods Forum

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