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Global Upstream Supply Initiative (GUSI) Project - E2E Value Chain & Standards

What is GUSI?

The Upstream Integration Model (UIM) framework is a checklist designed to improve communication and provide a strategy to approach different suppliers using global standards. At the heart it is a step-by-step guide to the basic integration required across the six business processes (see Building Blocks) that are key to a successful FMCG supplier-manufacturer business relationship. To get started immediately, download the latest version of the UIM report.
Using the standards in the UIM to integrate supplier’s results in the efficiencies of repetition, with each supplier integrated according to the standard process, the faster the integration of each additional supplier becomes, both in the process itself and the IT required for the integration. All processes are well described and accompanied by easy implementation guidelines, as well as proven technical documentation. All your company needs to do is get started!

Why It's Important

By following the Global Upstream Supply Initiative’s proven UIM and by using the time-tested GS1 standards for identification and communication, you can significantly improve the availability of products for consumers and lower costs through the entire, end-to-end supply chain.
The simple secret is that by using the same “language” and tools to exchange data, individual supplier and manufacturer supply chains become united, quickly and easily, yet relatively inexpensively; thus enabling the entire supply chain to be much more responsive to changes in customer and consumer behaviour.
If you are against wasting your company’s time and resources on developing a new, untested model, then GUSI is for you. GUSI already provides a freely available and tested model, with proven documentation and easy implementation guidelines. It will save you time, energy and money. Perhaps the real question should be, “Why not GUSI?”

The Benefits

Some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their suppliers have identified significant benefits in using standardised solutions. GUSI works as a multiplier to help achieve collaboration benefits in the following areas:
  • Service (product availability, lead time)
  • Administration (forecasting, order processing, financial settlement, data management)
  • Operation (physical receipt, manufacturing, change-over, truck fill-rate,...)
  • Financial (working capital, inventory)
The adoption of the UIM allows companies to translate their internal processes and approaches into a common language that all other parties can use. As more companies adopt GUSI standards, the more rapidly the overall benefits rise, as shown in the diagram below.
Upstream Integration Model Benefits - GUSI Framework

GUSI Supporting Documents

UIM Integration Guide          UIM Demand & Supply Signals          UIM Financial Settlement            GUSI UIM Technical Document          UIM Transport Model