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KPIs, CO2 Reductions and a Common Language

This project was all about finading a common language for sustainability-related key performance indicators (KPI) in logistics and its main focus was CO2 reduction.

The goal of decision-makers in logistics has always been to optimise costs, subject to service level constraints. The CO2 KPIs defined in this document will help decision-makers to see the impact of their logistics decisions on CO2 emissions.
The working group behind the project has, therefore, developed a comprehensive and practical set of KPIs for CO2 emission and energy consumption reduction, ready for use by consumer goods companies. There are also linked measures for transportation and warehousing activities in different parts of the supply chain.
The project was completed in 2012.

Why It's Important

Reporting on CO2-emissions along a supply chain helps a company to understand its environmental footprint over time. Keeping track of the year-on-year evolution in this way demonstrates the progress of any improvement measures taken.
To ensure the completeness of the reporting, the reporting boundaries of a company need to be defined across the four following scopes:
  1. Scope of Reporting
  2. Scope of Emissions
  3. Scope of Activities
  4. Scope of Supply Chain

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The End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Steering Committee is co-chaired by Jeff McAllister of Walmart and Barron Witherspoon of P&G. The Steering Committee has the mission of scoping and overseeing projects that extend across the entire value chain and are of interest to our global members.

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